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Weather and Seasons

Valencia's climate is typical Mediterranean climate a mild and humid atmosphere.

The average annual temperature in the city is about 17.8 � C, which makes Valencia has a mild climate without extreme temperatures.

During the peak of the summer in August the temperature averages 25C and in the middle of winter in Janurary it is 11C.

The annual rainfall over 450 mm, with a very marked minimum in summer (three dry months from June to August), and maximum in autumn (September to November) as the weather cools.

A hot dry summer and a mild winter never below 7C.

 Also, the city tends to suffer in summer heat waves, which are due to the arrival of warm fronts from the Sahara.

In addition, another characteristic feature of the climate of Valencia is that the city has 2,660 hours of sunshine each year, equivalent to more than 300 days.

Finally, it has to be said weather of Valencia is very unpredictable there are periods of wet years followed by dry ones.  But whatever the weather in Valencia it is never very extreme.

So when is the best time to visit of course depends on your preferences.  Those from cooler limes who are seeking heat and sunshine will find the summer here to their liking.  While those from warm countries may find the cool winter to their liking.